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Max grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Bainbridge. As a teenager, Max never had a career focus, other than to become the best criminal he could. Eventually, Max began using heroin and committing petty theft. After being in and out of county jail, Max was arrested in 2009 for aggravated robbery and sentenced to three years in prison.

Max was released just before serving one year in prison and immediately got in touch with Community Service Alliance. Even through his setbacks, CSA was there to support Max through his journey to sobriety and kept encouraging him to come back.

With help from the Keating Center and the comradery from the men at CSA, Max achieved sobriety. Without CSA, Max says that he either wouldn’t be here or would be in a correctional facility.

Now that Max has beaten addiction, he has an apprenticeship with an ironworker, bought a house in Brecksville, and has a six-year-old son. In the future, he is considering going to college to get a degree in construction management.

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