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Robert arrived in Cleveland, Ohio 15 years ago with his wife and children to begin work as a messenger for a bank. What started as casual, social drinking slowly morphed into alcoholism when marital problems arose. As time went on, Robert’s addiction spiralled out of control until his cousin helped him check into Stella Maris Rehab Center.

During his time at Stella Maris, a representative from Community Service Alliance visited Robert, and the two determined that Robert would be a perfect fit for Procop House, a CSA transitional housing location.

Upon arrival, Robert was welcomed with open arms and supported by the staff at Community Service Alliance. Not only did he receive his own private room, but he also benefited from budgeting advice, regular meals from local churches, and a sense of community. With a support system behind him, Robert was finally inspired and confident to live a sober life outside of transitional housing.

Today, Robert is focused on moving forward and continuing to help others but doesn’t forget his family at CSA. Without his CSA support system, he wouldn’t have the foundation he needed to live a productive, sober life. He encourages others who are currently struggling with addiction not to give up. With the opportunities, resources, and support available at CSA Houses, they too can reclaim their life and independence.

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