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Community Service Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving as a catalyst for change in the lives of formerly homeless individuals.

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We are on a mission to build and scale a repeatable program that acts as a catalyst for change in the lives of homeless individuals. We envision a future where:

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All homeless people in the community who desire change have opportunities for housing, employment, and personal and professional training and development

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Eight key communities – people of faith, service providers, local government, businesses, foundations, neighborhood residents, landlords and the homeless – come together in partnership to serve Cleveland neighborhoods and each other in ways that have never before been possible

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Old paradigms of fear among socio-economic, cultural and racial lines are replaced with respect and trust as diverse groups collectively contribute to a community building transformation process

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All we serve will come to believe that they have found a family that will love them, support them, laugh and cry with them and above all, never abandon them

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Our Work

We bridge the gap between those emerging out of homelessness and those who are committed to helping their transformation. Learn about our approach, our solutions and our partners.

Our Work
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Our History

We're passionate about providing safe, stable, and supportive environments for men committed to transformation, learn more about the story behind Community Service Alliance.

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Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of staff, board members and volunteers who are committed to helping transform the lives of others.

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Check out stories and updates from our team, partners, and supporters.

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