“We can co-exist peacefully here.” Our Approach


Our homes can help address the root causes of homelessness while providing a safe, stable, and supportive environment.

Case Management

We offer a wide range of services to assist and support individuals in developing their skills to gain access to needed medical, behavioral health, housing, employment, social, continued education.


Employment can play an important role in recovery. Employment not only provides income, but offers a structured activity with a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Our Unique Approach

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Respect Choice

The freedom within this environment, where both the opportunity and burden of choice as well as the consequences of chosen actions is experienced, is fertile ground for new patterns of responsibility.
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Stimulate Change

When the attractive environments sensitive to those at different stages in the change process are designed, resistance is less evident and the challenges that change presents become less intimidating. One-size-fits-all strategies stifle growth and suppress change.
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Maximize Contribution

We desire to together, build what we want and need to move on and are not interested in having something built for us that addresses the expectations or conforms to the values of an outsider who means well. Shifting from patterns of pity to partnership ends victimhood.
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Foster Conciliation

When an 'active and in-person repairing of broken relationships, even in the face of opposition, violence, or indifference' approach is maintained, the demands of relationship aren't replaced with administrative devices that threaten, punish, and consequently blind all involved to each participant's desire and ability to live responsibility.
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Cultivate Community

The most significant contributor to poverty (homelessness) is to be outside of relationship. To effectively impact a life, a relationship must be forged, trust built, and accountability established.
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Encourage Commitment

Without roots we can neither discover where we belong, nor can we grow. Commitment is contagious and activates a new awareness that finds life within relationships.
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Live Compassion

It is important to establish authentic parity between people of unequal power by building relationships of reciprocal exchange.

Meet Robert

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Change lives right where you are

We often get asked, “What’s the best way to help?” Our answer is simple: You don’t have to travel to Cleveland, Ohio to make a difference. In fact, the best way you can help is by staying right where you are. We need passionate people to spread awareness about homelessness and our effective approach to helping men grow past their current circumstances – then raise money to sustain it. So roll up your sleeves and use that laptop you’re sitting or standing in front of – it’s your most powerful tool.

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