Our History

Our Mission

Fostering independence on a foundation of trust through housing, jobs, and personal and faith development.

We accomplish our mission by: providing affordable, short-term housing and support for independent housing; developing local employment opportunities and work experience for the men we serve; and providing training and development that fosters personal, behavioral and spiritual growth and enrichment.


The Concept

The mission was conceptualized and the organization named in 2004 by a small group of individuals with a passion for addressing the challenges faced by homeless and impoverished men in our community. A business plan was created, a site was secured, funding was made available for renovations, and Community Service Alliance was born. The mission of Community Service Alliance is to be a catalyst for lasting relationships between people emerging out of homelessness and people willing to participate in their transformation.

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Redevelopment of Procop House

Procop House, the first home in CSA’s portfolio was redeveloped and opened in July of 2005. The house was designed to house 22 residents and was at full capacity by the end of 2005.

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Fulton House

The early success of CSA led the agency to open its second housing program, further enhancing the mission of the organization and reaching out to more individuals in need. Fulton House is a 13-room facility located on the campus of the Family Ministry Center, a program of Bay Presbyterian Church. The additional site, opened in August 2012, provides additional capacity to meet the growing need for short-term housing and work experience for veterans transitioning from homelessness to independence and self-sufficiency.

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Sandy’s House

Less than a year after the opening of Fulton House, the organization began to notice a number of residents who were staying with CSA for a longer period of time than the average stay of 10-11 months. While our goal is to encourage, support and be a part of a transition to permanent, independent housing, some men, for a variety of reasons, are not fully prepared to make that transition as quickly. Sandy’s house, named in honor of the contributions Sandra Sullivan made to CSA, one of the founders of CSA, was created to assist men with longer-term transition.

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Bill’s House

Completed in May of 2019, Bill’s House was named in honor of William Dillingham – a founding Board member of CSA, its current Board President, and a U.S. Army Veteran – this new home will provide housing, job assistance and personal, behavioral and spiritual support to eight homeless Veterans.

front view of bills house after redoing it

3,600 Men Mark

As of January 2024 more than 3,600 men have benefited from coming through the Community Service Alliance

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With a small, but mighty team, our homes are cared for on a regular basis. As residents graduate from our program, passionate supporters like you help with fresh paint, new beds, and other items as we prepare the room for new residents

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Learn how you can be involved & help CSA Residents Community Service Alliance relies on the continued generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses alike. There are many ways to support our programs and services.

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