The Pathway

People will have access to safe spaces each month.

Join the Pathway community to invest in stable spaces and sustainability.

Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of The Pathway, a passionate community
invested in a locale where those in need have a safe space to grow.

100% of your money brings stable environments to men in need.

Private donors cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing your whole gift will help provide a home for someone in need.

It’s about impact, generosity, and being apart of something special.

These aren’t passive monthly donations. We want The Pathway community to feel connected, invested, and eager to share. Here’s what you can expect when you join.

Being a part of something special

We want to make the Community Service Alliance experience exciting and real — something we ourselves would want to be a part of. We are raising the bar and building an experience that connects you with the communities you’ve impacted.

More generosity in the world

The world we live in right now can be hard. And scary. And overwhelming. Hurricanes, terrorism, politics, bad news… but this is something we can do. Our contribution to bring generosity to men in need. To alter the trajectory. To invest in the future. To be the change we want to see.

You Are Welcome Here.

This incredible community is composed of generous, caring, and determined people—like you—from all over. They’re difference makers and influencers. And you’re going to fit right in.

This is how we create an unstoppable community and transform the lives of men in need.

  • Every single person has life’s most basic need, shelter.
  • Every single person has a foundation for strong health.
  • Every single person has opportunities that come with time and strength and education.
  • How soon that day comes is up to us.


Every one of our residents has a story worth sharing. Find out how access to sober-living facilities and personal development programs are changing lives.