Why Homelessness?

For individuals committed to their own transformation, safe spaces change everything.

In Cuyahoga County, approximately 23,000 people experience homelessness every year. Learn how affordable housing and behavioral programs can improve health, empower local men, and reunite families.

Safe Spaces Change Everything.


Homelessness doesn’t merely change lives—all too often, it ends them. On average, people without homes die 30 years sooner than people with housing, and they are 3-4 times more likely to die.

Community Service Alliance provides ongoing consultation to and oversight for a community building transformation process, while also serving as a catalyst of strategic alliances that focus on structuring opportunities for homeless individuals.


For many struggling with homelessness and addiction, feelings of chaos, confusion, and anxiety are a daily encounter.

Community Service Alliance is a safe space that provides a slower moving environment, described by an alumni as having the personal space to focus on healing and transformation.

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People without homes face tremendous barriers to health care. People without homes suffer from the same illnesses as other individuals, but at rates 3-6 times higher. For lack of insurance, safety, and access to care, people on the streets are suffering and dying every day from preventable illnesses.

Community Service Alliance creates an environment for where residents can be immersed in a transition dynamic that provides access to targeted training, subsidized low-rent housing, and transitional job opportunities.

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Anyone who finds themselves homeless struggles with the immediate insecurity of not knowing where they will spend the night. Their self-esteem begins to erode as more insecurities begin to build: poverty, hunger, shame at the situation they are in, poor health, the inability to cope.

When an individual holds a key to a safe, supportive, and stable space, they regain hope. The individual has been given a chance to take ownership of their own transformation.

How do we build our way through the homelessness crisis?

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