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As a Cleveland native, James frequented Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians games growing up. No matter where life took him, James always found his way back to Cleveland. After meeting a couple of boys at the local YMCA, James started running the streets and became a father at a young age. James struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for the next 23 years until he attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and began his road to recovery. James has been sober for the past 37 years. Since then, every year has been the best year of James’ life.

After working with various outreach centers, James got involved with Community Service Alliance through a friend in 2005. According to James, the dedicated and caring staff at CSA sets them apart from other similar organizations.

Once you’re a part of CSA, you always have the support of the faculty and volunteers. James loves to see alumni of the program come back for additional assistance. Whether the men need a new dresser or a place to do their laundry, James is there to help them through it all. In James’ words, CSA takes men from the minor leagues and prepares them for the major leagues. CSA has serviced over 2,000 men since 2005.

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