Phil Leggett's Success Story of Conquering Homelessness
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Phil Leggett

Phil is a 55 year old man who has spent most of his life in Cleveland.  He has been a resident of CSA’s housing program since May 2011.  Phil’s day-to-day life paints a picture of the type of person he is – a man grounded in values, responsibility and hard work.

Phil graduated from John Adams High School in Cleveland and joined the Air Force shortly thereafter.  After an honorable discharge, he attended the Institute of Computer Management and embarked on a 30 year career in information management and worked for several large companies.  Phil always fills his time with something constructive, and has never struggled with substance abuse issues or problems with the law.  So, the logical question is, “how did someone like that end up needing the services of CSA?”

Phil found himself homeless as a result of an unexpected job loss and the financial and personal challenges that followed. He also struggled with an ongoing battle with depression, and had to turn to the resources of several local shelters.  Phil’s time in the shelter environment was especially challenging, as he had no history of drug or alcohol abuse or other struggles with major mental health issues. Frustrated with his surroundings and circumstances, Phil came to CSA.

Phil immediately found the CSA environment a far better situation in which to live. “We can co-exist peacefully here,” he said when asked about his new surroundings.  He values the calm and subdued atmosphere that gives him and other residents the opportunity to think and reflect – activities that are not often found in other places.

In August 2012, Phil became one of the first residents of CSA’s second housing site – Fulton House, a program focused on meeting the housing, work experience, and personal and behavioral needs of Veterans. Phil believes he has found the place that fosters an ability to accomplish his goals on a journey towards independence.  A good part of his day is spent in the computer room.  Yet, Phil has the freedom to work out his own schedule, giving him the opportunity to pursue the jobs he wants and reestablish his life.  His goal now is to become financially sound again and be independent once more.

Experiences like this show that no one –not even a hard working, responsible individual such as Phil – is immune from the possibility of becoming homeless.  “Asking for help is a humbling thing,” Phil said when describing his experience.  However, it also shows us that everyone is in need of compassion and encouragement when life hits unexpected bumps in the road, and individuals can return to independence and self-sufficiency with an appropriate array of services, resources and support – the very reasons CSA exists!

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