Peter Arian Success Story of Conquering Homelessness
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Peter Arian

Only a few years ago, one’s perception of a man who has waited in line for a bed at a shelter, lived in an abandoned house, abused drugs and alcohol, and was estranged from his family would have fit a typical stereotype of homelessness – a middle aged, black man in ragged clothes, living on the streets and panhandling for change on the corner of the block.  Yet this story does not fit that stereotype – far from it!

Meet Peter Arian.  At only 25 years old, Peter has lived through what many of us would only have bad dreams about – estranged from family and friends, addicted to drugs and alcohol, living in a homeless shelter and abandoned buildings.

A graduate of Shaker Heights High School, Peter’s drug use landed him in treatment at Stella Maris.  After completing his rehab program, he came to Procop House.

Upon his arrival, Peter immediately took advantage of the support and resources available.  He got his driver’s license and his own vehicle.  He was an active volunteer in the community.  And after a seven month stay, he recently moved out into his own apartment, holds a full-time job at a downtown restaurant, and has enrolled in classes at Cleveland State University.

“Procop House was a real blessing to me,” says Peter.  “I’m not sure I would be where I am today without this program.  It changed my life.”

Peter continues to visit Procop House, connecting with the guys and maintaining many friendships he quickly developed here, and is a role model for many of the guys who remain.

He also volunteers his time and openly shares his story with area youth and young adults, with the simple message of “stay clean and be careful of the choices you make.”

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