Howard Owens' Success Story of Conquering Homelessness
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Howard Owens

Howard lived at Procop House for about a year. Sobriety was and remains a major goal in Howard’s life coming out of homelessness. While a resident with us, he was one of the strongest advocates for working the 12 Steps of AA and seeing sobriety as a life and death issue.

He worked a stipend job at the 2100 Lakeside Men’s Shelter earning about $300 a month, and although tight, this was a budget Howard was able to handle for a while.  Even paying our reasonable rent did not give him much room for the basics – food, transportation and yes, smokes – but, budgeting with our Community Coordinator helped … for a while.

As time went on, making rent payments got more difficult and he fell behind to the point where we had to ask him to leave and possibly go back to the 2100 Lakeside Shelter so he could save enough money to pay us back and move on with his life – either back at Procop House or in his own place.  Howard chose to move back to his sister’s apartment in Pittsburgh, and we lost touch with him for about a year.  Our efforts to stay connected went unreturned.

In the spring of that year, Howard returned to the shelter. He had found the environment at his sister’s to be unstable and he had relapsed.  Finding the strength and initiative to refocus on his sobriety, he felt that coming back to Cleveland – where he had stayed sober the longest – was his best move.

Today, he is working a stipend job for Carl Cook and the Project Save initiative, and helping the homeless come off the streets.  He visits Procop House regularly to work on marketing materials for Project Save, to connect and reconnect with the guys in the house, and get back to facing one day at a time.  When he is around, Howard joins us for our periodic community meals and hopefully feels welcome and accepted (because he is!).

He is one of the family, and always will be.

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