Harry Davis' Success Story of Conquering Homelessness
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Harry Davis

Harry is a Cleveland native and former Cleveland Cavaliers player, and has deep roots in the City of Cleveland.  Yet, Harry spends little time focusing on his past.  Rather, he talks about the present and where he hopes to move with his life.

Harry came to Community Service Alliance in 2010 as part of a journey of recovery from drug use.  But this journey involves so much more than just cleansing his body of harmful substances. It has been, and continues to be, a journey of healing in mind, heart and spirit.

Harry successfully completed a detox program at a local rehab facility and spent time in local halfway homes. His description of some of the places he stayed is a story that is heard often – a chaotic atmosphere that doesn’t give one a moment to think quietly … a lack of personal space … and “institutional” attributes that do not generally suggest “home” or promote a sense of growth and development.

After spending time in that environment, Harry came to Procop House.  Here he found the time to think and reflect. “Being here allowed me to get to know myself,” he says.  Prior to coming to Procop House, Harry admits to having a relatively apathetic view of life and spent a good deal of time fighting discouragement.  Being in a more relaxed and encouraging atmosphere has helped him fight that battle with a far greater intensity.  Having a calm and comfortable environment also provides a better opportunity to reconnect with people. “I don’t hesitate now to let people know where I am,” Harry says.  He believes Procop House is a far better place to invite family and friends.  In fact, he sees the House as a place where men can thrive and move forward to better their lives in ways that make them feel respectable and respected – to focus on healing and become a whole person.

Harry maximized his time at Procop House and moved out in the summer of 2012.  He is currently in school working towards his licensure in massage therapy.  He has had the time to be an active caregiver in his mother’s later years.  And he has used his past experience to reenergize, refocus and renew.  “Being here allows me to try,” he says.

Harry could go on about the way he has grown and developed as a person, the healing that he has experienced, and the wisdom and knowledge he’s gained.  But what stands out more is the spirit of optimism and determination he has found to press onward and upward. This change in perspective and attitude is vital to Harry, and other men like him, in successfully moving on to independence and self-sufficiency.

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