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There are five key strategic underpinnings upon which all of the support initiatives of Community Service Alliance rest.

Life-Long Relationship Building

Community Service Alliance sees all relationships as potentially life-long.  In particular, eight “key communities” are the core relationships we hope to foster and grow.  From landlords to employers; from people of faith to community neighbors; from local government agencies to private foundations; and from other service providers to the homeless themselves – Community Service Alliance seeks long term relationships with all those who welcome us a catalyst and relationship-builder for men in transition.

Ongoing Community Service

Each resident is expected to enter into service to the community at some level of commitment and longevity.  Receiving without guilt or shame, but also giving back without expectation of praise, gratitude or repayment is central to our mission and our core value of contribution.

Individualized Planning with Community Support

Determining where each man is in their life journey is predicated on active listening and mutual planning toward desired goal attainment.  Once goals are defined, community resources, drawn from those Key Communities, are brought to bear and mutually coordinated among client, staff and community contact(s).

Collaborative “Win-Win” Relationships

Each and every relationship must be mutually beneficial for this collaborative strategy to work effectively.  Every partner from our Key Communities must feel that each and every referral from Community Service Alliance is both ready and able to enter into a relationship where all parties are enriched and blessed in all ways – emotionally, spiritually, materially, and, if necessary, financially.

Evolving Vision Grounded in Faith

Evolving and changing to meet the needs of those we serve is critical to the success of our mission.  Every day we are reminded that this work is God’s and that it is so much greater than we can hope to understand.

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