Students from Gilmour Academy “Spring” Into Service for CSA

Students from Gilmour Academy “Spring” Into Service for CSA

Students from Gilmour Academy recently reached out to CSA as part of a religious education project, called Praxis.  The goal of the project was to identify a social injustice issue in the Greater Cleveland community and to develop potential ways that it could be addressed while maintaining the human dignity of all individuals.  One of the chosen topics was homelessness, and the students wanted to enhance the educational aspect of the program with a hands-on service project that would benefit an organization meeting the needs of homeless individuals.

Over the past two weeks, two groups of students generously volunteered their time, talents, and energy to do some spring clean up around CSA’s three housing sites.  One group helped with outside clean up of the gardens and landscaping at Fulton House and Sandy’s House.  A second group assisted with interior spring cleaning at Procop House.  As important to CSA as the opportunity was to help the students satisfy their coursework, was the realization that there are young adults in our community who are genuine about, and committed to, service to others!

On behalf of everyone at CSA, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the following very special young men and women for their hard work and gracious service: Emily … Justin … Madison … Devon … Bradley … Dominic … Paul … Dennis … Wyley … Katelyn … Jacqueline … Dominic … Alexia … Chase … Chris.

Your hard work and compassion were genuinely appreciated, and we thank you all!

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