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Administrative Offices
3387 Fulton Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: (216) 351-0655


The mission of Community Service Alliance is to be a catalyst for lasting relationships between people emerging out of homelessness and people willing to participate in their transformation. We accomplish our mission by: providing affordable, short-term housing and support for independent housing; developing local employment opportunities and work experience for the men we serve; and providing training and development that fosters personal, behavioral and spiritual growth and enrichment.

Our Vision

CSA will be nationally recognized and replicated for its ability to be a catalyst for change in the lives of homeless individuals. We envision a future where:

  • All homeless people in the community who desire change have opportunities for housing, employment, and personal and professional training and development
  • Eight key communities – people of faith, service providers, local government, businesses, foundations, neighborhood residents, landlords and the homeless – come together in partnership to serve Cleveland neighborhoods and each other in ways that have never before been possible
  • Old paradigms of fear among socio-economic, cultural and racial lines are replaced with respect and trust as diverse groups collectively contribute to a community building transformation process
  • All we serve will come to believe that they have found a family that will love them, support them, laugh and cry with them and above all, never abandon them

Our Program

Personal, Behavioral and Spiritual Support and Development

  • Life skills support and training
  • Budget and financial management skills
  • Links to other existing community-based health, mental health and social services
  • Values and faith development
  • Service to others; commitment to community service and volunteerism

Work Experience/Career Development

  • Transitional jobs strategy
  • Work experience program
  • On-the-Job employer partnership
  • FT/PT placement


  • Short-term housing approach with affordable rent
  • Three locations – Procop House (22 rooms); Fulton House (13 rooms, exclusive to Veterans); Sandy's House (6 rooms)
  • Sober environment
  • Focus on “taking care of ourselves, taking care of each other, and taking care of this place”
  • Preparation for permanent, independent housing
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